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Shabbat Vayechi all second year students at the mechina went to the Holy City of Chevron to spend a Shabbat where our forefathers and mothers lived and were active.
As part of our desire to deepen our understanding of Israeli society in all its facets the students of Bnei David spent the day at the Jewish Statesmanship Center in a day long workshop on the topic: "Israeli Society – Between Tribes and a Nation"
The Chai Roi program that combines yeshiva Torah study and academic studies for a bachelors' and a masters' degree, conducted "field trips" to broaden their scope and enrich their knowledge of the country, through meeting people active in various important projects throughout the country
We're starting to feel the end of the summer semester, the end of the year at Bnei David. His brings us to a series of events closing and summing up the year.
Shabbat parshat Balak 18 families of our students came for Shabbat in Ma'ale Efraim, braving the hot weather, particularly hot in Ma'ale Efraim which is basically in the desert area of the Jordan Valley.
Our Ma'ale Ephraim branch of the Bnei David Mechina went south to the Negev last Friday for a learning trip and for a special Shabbat in Yerocham. This is how they tell of their experiences.
Last Sunday (17th of Sivan) there was a captivating lecture, given by Prof. Avi Shroeder, at our Ma'ale Efraim branch of Bnei David. Prof. Shroeder is a graduate of our 7th annual class and is a professor of chemical engineering at the Technion
Last Monday (the 18th of Sivan) saw a meeting of all the coordinators in charge of keeping in contact with our students – both from the mechina and from the yeshiva – currently serving in the IDF
On Thursday (May 25) we went to a day symposium in Jerusalem. We opened the day at Yad Sarah, one of the largest volunteer organizations, that provides a wide variety of assistance to the public, from baby playpens to wheel chairs. We saw their Visitor's Center with the exhibit called "The Israeli Experience of Giving"
The first class of our branch in Ma'ale Ephraim decided to leave a souvenir for future generations and in the beginning of the summer semester they planted a garden of fruit trees from which future classes will be able to eat, and so will the planters when they return after their army service.
On Monday (12th of Sivan) we went with Aviad Asaf, the guy in charge of staying in contact with the students of the Yeshiva Gevoha who are currently serving in the army. We went to the south, to see military exercises in Shizafon and Tze'aylim.
The Director General of the Justice Ministry, Emi Palmor, state's attorney Shai Nitzan and a group of senior officials from the ministry of justice in Israel visited in Bnei David this week and met with Rabbi Eli Sadan.
Last week we went roaming throughout Samaria, Judea and the Negev in order to visit with our students now serving in the army...
The winter weeks when we read the weekly portion from the Book of Shmot, from parshat Shmot until Mishpatim this week, are called the days of Shovevim, an acronym made from the names of the weekly portions in this period of the year.
This morning (Thursday, 2.23) with the dawn we joined various elite squads of the IDF Combat-Engineering Corps, Yahalom, who completed their long, extensive and intensive training.
On the eve of Tu BeShvat – the 15th of Shvat – I am happy to convey you the delight and pride I felt last night, when I attended the graduation ceremony of the latest round of the army course that trains experienced officers to become battalion commanders
Rabbi Sadan spoke before forty fellows from all walks of Israeli society – religious and secular, Jews and non-Jews. He explained his understanding and outlook on educational matters: the essence of education, the core values of the state secular educational system, and the way of Religious Zionism.
During Shabbat Shmot the students of class 29 of Bnei David were guests of the Chareidi (ultra-Orthodox) community in Bnei Brak. The goal of this Shabbat is to get to know the Chareidi community, and is part of the year-long project to get to know different segments of Israeli society.
Last week we we/nt to visit some of our alumni who are currently Givati Brigade soldiers. They were training in the Ben Shemen Forest area
Congratulations! The walls of the first floor are up and we are now getting ready to pour the concrete for he floor that will contain the Beit Midrash (Study Hall)
Sunday, the last day of Chanuka, we held the yearly event for graduates of Bnei David together with their daughters who are soon to be Bat Mitzvah
On Tuesday, the students of our Ma'ale Efraim branch went out to help those hurt by the big fire that burned and damaged many homes in the village Neve Tzuf.
Every year there is a Shabbat when each class goes off to some place together with their rabbi. That was last Shabbat, and here is the story of one class.
We went on a long weekend (Parshat Vayarah) and especially Shabbat' sleeping outdoors in the Gush Etzion area. During the weekend we became more united, staff and students. We learned about the area and its history, meeting fascinating, inspiring people.
our visit at the soldiers from the 101st Paratroop Battalion who are currently in the Schechem (Nablus) area, joining them for their morning calisthenics
The concrete was poured out this morning (Wednesday) for the foundation of the new campus. Now the base is being water-proofed and the pipes are being laid for the plumbing.
RABBI ELI SADAN’S army preparatory academy has given religious youth the tools to serve in the IDF and maintain their religious observance.
Today, March 31, 2016, Rabbi Sadan received a phone call from Israeli Minister of Education Naftali Bennett.
Bennett said that Rabbi Sadan was a Zionist revolutionary who had spearheaded one of the greatest revolutions in Israeli society. Thanks to Rabbi Sadan, thousands of Israeli youth have had the privilege of meaningful IDF service.
On Shabbat Parashat Vayigash (Dec. 19, 2015), Rabbi Sadan was the guest of Rabbi Efrem Goldberg’s BRS congregation in Boca Raton, Florida
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