Rabbi Eli Sadan – Israel Prize Laureate

Today, March 31, 2016, Rabbi Sadan received a phone call from Israeli Minister of Education Naftali Bennett.

The phone call arrived while Rabbi Sadan was speaking with the class of incoming students for next year’s mechina program, who had come to
Eli for a weekend of bonding in preparation for next year.

The education minister had phoned to notify Rabbi Sadan that he had been chosen to receive this year’s Israel Prize for Life’s Work and Special
Contribution to the State of Israel and Israeli Society.

Bennett said that Rabbi Sadan was a Zionist revolutionary who had spearheaded one of the greatest revolutions in Israeli society. Thanks to Rabbi Sadan, thousands of Israeli youth have had the privilege of meaningful IDF service

Rabbi Sadan has forged a bridge and a bond between religious and secular, the Torah and the army, the state institutions, Zionism and the settlement enterprise. Rabbi Sadan’s life’s work – the establishment of the religious and non-religious pre-army mechina programs – has borne a generation of soldiers who are as deeply dedicated to defending their country as they are to their Jewish heritage,

and as such he deserves the Israel Prize not only this year, but every year.

We are proud to be a part of Bnei David Institutions in Eli, which work together with Rabbi Sadan to realize his great vision and are grateful to you for your partnership and support

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