The Bnei David pre-army IDF preparatory yeshiva opened its doors 25 years ago in the settlement of Eli. The first institution of its kind, Bnei David has brought about a quiet revolution in Israel’s armed forces.
Seven years ago Bnei David established an advanced yeshiva in Eli. The advanced yeshiva offers a framework wherein unmarried students may devote themselves to their Torah studies at the highest academic level without interruption
The post-army yeshiva program is designed for Mechina alumni who have completed their military service and now seek to apply their Torah studies to the issues of national purpose and historical identity that challenge Israel today.
The Chai Roi leadership program was established in commemoration of Major Roi Klein z”l, a Bnei David Mechina alumnus and graduate of the post-army yeshiva program.
The teacher training program is designed to train educators with the outstanding personal and spiritual qualifications needed to guide and inspire the next generation.
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