Visits to Our Graduates in Uniform

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This morning (Thursday, 2.23) with the dawn we joined various elite squads of the IDF Combat-Engineering Corps, Yahalom, who completed their long, extensive and intensive training. All the fighters of each elite unit joined the "newbies" in their final march as they went up the hill to the site of the Jordan Valley Memorial Monument.
We met many of our graduates there. Beforehand we met another graduate, Omer Katzin, who is currently serving in the Nevatim Base. He came to our area for a period of defense of civilian Jewish communities in the area (known in the army as Avtas"h).
At the same time our graduates and others are finishing their final march for their red beret in the Paratroopers Brigade. They will reach Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem. Soldiers, including graduates or ours, will be completing their training course in the Duvdevan Unit, an elite anti-terrorist unit of the IDF. Their ceremony will take place in Gush Etzion.
We wish them all success and Godspeed!

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