A visit by senior officials of the Ministry of Justice


The Director General of the Justice Ministry, Emi Palmor, state's attorney Shai Nitzan and a group of senior officials from the ministry of justice in Israel visited in Bnei David this week and met with Rabbi Eli Sadan. This was a "getting-to-know" visit, the group getting to know the various institutions and programs at Bnei David. This visit was part of a project run by "Maoz", a project geared at meeting Israeli society and its various challenges and goals. Harav Sadan answered questions about many topics, including the relationship towards the non-Jewish minorities in Israel, is there exclusion of women in Judaism, and more. One of the women asked Rabbi Sadan: "Where do you derive your strengths and energies from?" the rabbi answered that he drew inspiration and energy from the hundreds of books that he read a child in Tel Aviv about the heroes of the jewfish people and the stories of people who established the state of Israel, and he continues to derive energies from the writings of Harav Avraham Yitzchak Ha'Cohen Cook and his son Harav Tzvi Yehudah.

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