Friends of Bnei David 
Over the years Bnei David has expanded existing programs and started new ones, to meet the growing needs of the students and graduates.
 It is only with the support of our friends in Israel and overseas that our continued growth has been made possible. Your generosity will assist us in preparing religious Zionist youth for full service in the Israel Defense Forces and for assuming leadership roles in the army, civilian and Jewish life.

We recently began work on the construction of the north wing of the mechina dorm, so that all of our pre-army students will have a comfortable place to rest and sleep between their many hours of classes.

We are enriching the internet with our own unique Torah content. At the Bnei David virtual Beit Midrash online you can enjoy shiurim and lectures given by our Rabbis.

Bnei David accepts some 170 new students every year in the Mechina and Advanced Yeshiva programs. Our students represent a cross-section of Israeli society

The post-army Yeshiva program is designed for Mechina alumni who have completed their military service and now seek to apply their Torah studies to the issues of national purpose and historical identity that challenge Israel today

After 28 years in a temporary building, we have begun construction on the permanent Beit Midrash for Bnei David’s mechina program. Over the years the initial building was renovated and expanded, but became too small for our growing student

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