Rabbi Sadan met with fellows of the Advat – Atudot program for leadership

פורסם ב: ב' שבט תשע"ז


On Monday, the 25th of Tevet (23/01), Rabbi Eli Sadan met with fellows of the Advat – Atudot program for leadership, that is meant for those in the upper echelons of the educational system. The program is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Education and the Maoz Organization.

Rabbi Sadan spoke before forty fellows from all walks of Israeli society – religious and secular, Jews and non-Jews. He explained his understanding and outlook on educational matters: the essence of education, the core values of the state secular educational system, and the way of Religious Zionism.

Rabbi Sadan studied together with the fellows a letter written by Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Cook (Letters of Rav Cook – Iggrot Ha'Reyah – vol. I, p. 218) about the essential tenets of education in which Rav Cook writes that the main goal of Jewish education is to build the character of people so that they become good and upright, good before God, good before people, good to their nation and good to their homeland. Preparing a person for the material struggle of life is just a means to the proper end of being good. This goodness that is the goal of education is achieved through the study of Torah which trains a person to be upright and good, whereas secular studies train a person for the material struggles of life. It's important to understand and arrange the proper order of values in life. This and more: when people will be good and upright, then all of their talents and abilities, all their life capacities will be used for good, to bring a blessing to the world.

In regards to the secular public school system, Rabbi Sadan said that in his opinion it should stay loyal to these four principles:

A] Love of all people, including non-Jews;

B] Good, upright and true citizenship;

C] Love of the homeland and dedication to the preservation of the state;

D] The importance of family and familial and marital fidelity.

He concluded his remarks by explaining the Religious Zionist world outlook that sees the state of Israel as a Divine miracle, the beginning of the process of the redemption of Israel. He said that the way to influence society is through being a exemplary personality, a principle that demands that Religious Zionists life a life of such quality that others will want to follow in their path.

Rabbi Sadan was delighted to meet with Professor Asher Cohen who lectured before him and with the General Secretary of Bnei Akiva in Israel, Yair Shachal. Shachal happens to be the name of the Bnei Akiva shevet (age-group) to which Rabbi Sadan belongs.

After the lecture Mrs. Ayelet Cohen Melkman, a senior deputy law adviser to the Ministry of Education, got up to thank Rabbi Sadan in the name of all those present. Her son is now studying in the Mechina.

תפריט תפריט