Another in a series of enriching educational trips for the students of the Chai Roi


Chai Roi is a unique program at Bnei David for university students who have already completed their regular army service and wish to combine yeshiva Torah studies with their academic studies. It is named in memory of Bnei David graduate, Lt. Col. Roi Klein, who served as a deputy battalion commander in the Second Lebanese War and was posthumously awarded a medal of valor for jumping on an enemy grenade in order to save his soldiers. The program includes special field trips to various facets of life in Israel. Another in a series of enriching educational trips for the fellows of the Chai Roi program took place last Thursday, the 25th of Tishrei (Oct. 27). The day started at the Ministry of Agriculture in Beit Dagan.

The general director of the ministry, Mr. Shlomo Ben Eliyahu, laid out before the students how the ministry has a positive influence in strengthening the state of Israel. Mr. Ben Eliyahu shared with the fellows some of the insights he has picked up as general director: how to make decisions, to utilize time to the utmost possible, and of course also told the fellows some stories about his father, Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu of blessed memory, who had been, amongst other positions, the chief Sephardi rabbi of Israel.

Yishai Gutwillig, a graduate of Bnei David and the Chai Roi program and serves now as a senior advisor to the general manager, also spoke briefly to the group and promised to soon continue his talk with the fellows, in Eli where he lives.

Next they went to the visit in Israel Aerospace Industries, a visit that was led by a graduate from the 10th class of Bnei David, Amit Shulav. The first stop was a meeting with Mrs. Leah Cohen who held an introductory session with the fellows to familiarize them with the different divisions of IAI and various employment opportunities. In the cyber division they were presented with the cyber challenges that Israel faces and the ways to meet those challenges. In the drone aircraft division they saw some of the many different types of drones, of different sizes and types, capabilities and functions that are in use by Israel. They also received a small taste of the space division in the control center of the Amos communications satellite. All in all the fellows left with a better understanding of the importance of IAI to Israel, and of the fact that IAI is expecting new people and brains to join in the vital work being done there.

The day ended with a talk given by Mr. Yoav Heller, the general manager of the Maoz program, which seeks to address the most intractable challenges facing the State of Israel’s socio-economic future by building a diverse network of committed leaders who work together to advance meaningful social initiatives and reforms. Mr. Heller reiterated the point that there are many different social groups in Israel that are here to stay and therefore have to learn to work together for the common good of the state of Israel.



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