Completion of Sefer Torah (Torah scroll) in Memory of War Hero Lt. Col. Roi Klein


When Roi Klein, a Bnei David graduate both before and during his army service, jumped on a grenade in the middle of the Bint Jabel battle in the Second Lebanese War, giving his life in order to save the lives of his soldiers, he left behind two little sons. The older – Gilad – has just turned Bar-Mitzvah. In honor of his Bar Mitzvah and in memory of his father, a Torah was written, the completing of which was done in Gilad's home, and from there conducted with music and dancing to the synagogue in his neighborhood in Eli – the HaYovel neighborhood. It was a joyous occasion attended by rabbis, students, IDF officers and many others. We wish Gilad and his mother and step-father much happiness.


תפריט תפריט