Meeting of the Coordinators of Contact between Bnei David and our Students in the IDF

פורסם ב: כ' סיון תשע"ז


Last Monday (the 18th of Sivan) saw a meeting of all the coordinators in charge of keeping in contact with our students – both from the mechina and from the yeshiva – currently serving in the IDF. Two new coordinators were introduced: Tal Gofer who will be coordinator for our 29th annual class and Avishai Mauda who will be an additional coordinator for the yeshiva's students in the army. They join the veteran coordinators: Amit Zoldan (who also serves as one of the rabbis at the Ma'ale Efraim branch), coordinator for class 25 which is soon to be discharged from regular army service, Liran Grovis in charge of class 26, Yair Goldberg in charge of class 27, Alon NIker coordinator for class 28, and Asaf Aviad who is coordinator for the yeshiva's students. Asaf will be joined by Avishai, both being charged with being in contact with the more than 160 students from the yeshiva currently serving in the IDF and soon to be joined by twenty more students. Tal Gofer will start this summer as the first members of the 29th class of the mechina enter the army.
During the meeting the coordinators discussed various suggestions as to how to improve the contact with our students now in the army. Our director of the Bnei David internet page also joined in the discussions and spoke of the need for us to have more of a virtual presence on the internet for our graduates who should be able to easily access us, for connections and recorded lectures. This forum will soon meet with Rabi Eli Sadan for continued brainstorming.

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