The Advanced Yeshiva
Seven years ago Bnei David established an advanced yeshiva in Eli. The advanced yeshiva offers a framework wherein unmarried students may devote themselves to their Torah studies at the highest academic level without interruption.
The curriculum covers all areas of traditional Jewish learning: Talmud in depth and breath; Jewish Law and Jurisprudence; and Midrash (Scriptural Exegesis). The advanced yeshiva places special emphasis on developing the analytic and research skills needed to explore Talmudic texts and topics in great depth. The yeshiva also includes a program that gives the students a comprehensive grounding in classic Jewish Philosophy. A nucleus of married men dedicated to full-time Torah study provides on-site guidance and instruction to the students. 
The advanced yeshiva is suffused with the Bnei David atmosphere of self-sacrifice, fighting spirit, and dedication to national service. The students normally spend two years within the walls of the yeshiva before joining the army. The students remain in close personal contact with their Rabbis during the course of their army service
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