North wing of the mechina dorm

"I will entrust my spirit to Him while I sleep and when I awaken…"
(from the Adon Olam prayer)

We recently began work on the construction of the north wing of the mechina dorm, so that all of our pre-army students will have a comfortable place to rest and sleep between their many hours of classes.

The central and southern wings of the main dorm building were completed a few years ago, but since then enrollment in the mechina program has increased to nearly 250. The northern wing will house 72 students in 6 apartments, each of which will have two bedrooms, washrooms, showers and a common room.

The floor of the building has already been poured, as well as the supporting pillars for the first floor. Our goal is to complete this wing of the dorm and dedicate it by the beginning of the next academic year, so that all of our students will be housed in Bnei David residential buildings.

We are currently raising funds for this project and have found a main partner who has agreed to match the donations of all the other donors.


The Booklet building